ManDay Blues

what is so blue about this day?

is it the fact that my conscience is wandering?

or the fact that i am irked at the thought of you?



i wanted everything different,

that the thought of you would not drain,

that the thought of you would not weaken me,

that the thought of you would not mock.


what is so blue about today??

reminiscing of the weekend,

when you were there to my fill,

and then when reality sinks in you disappear???


i want it all…

that the ghost of you would exist,

that the moments we share are for real,

that the sighs in your breathes are meant for her,

the other woman,

the she in a fake reality.


what is so blue about this day?

the irony in your text message?

a message filled with confusion,

a message that lacks intent?

but you claim to genuinely have written about it..


i have always wanted you,

you to be a part of me

that the falseness in our worlds

would only strengthen the bonds that hardly exist.



what is blue about today,

why does the scorching sun not dry the pain?

the pain that is culminated as a result of the lies,

the lies that you tell she ,

the better or maybe the replica of me…


i want it different,

different in that …

i will not be a secret ,

that you will not be my secret,

that the doors that separate us from the world,

that the chains that hold us  back,

would break,

in an illusion to fulfill a fantasy.



what is blue about today?

is it because my prayers cannot be heard,

that the sin that clouds my thoughts,

is way beyond the strengths from within?

that the crave of the body,

in a mission to fulfill the desires,

tears me from the cords of the almighty?


manday blues…

with the intent of being better,

with the desire to forget the past,

with the urge to put you as memory,

can this day get any bluer?


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  1. kaywill112 says:

    And finally I have found the highly recommended Junglegarl.. This Deity of the Universe of Infinite just had to see your works and he actually loves most of them 😊


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