one day…

as i search for perfection,
in this great walk of life,
hoping that when the sun dies,
and when the moon will give birth,
that i shall say i love you,
and that our love will be true,
ready to pass the test of time…..

one day….
when the stars will fade from the view,
and the rain will trickle,
or maybe sparkle,
then i will always say you are mine…

one day….
when the distance wont be long,
when i will be sited next to you,
when i will be smiling at you,
as my thoughts wander,
i hope,
it will always remain true…

one day…
through the dense space,
i hope to hear our melody,
hear the beats from us,
not us fighting,
but us creating,

one day….
i will allow my words to laugh,
let them ooze the good vibe from you,
then you will be a reality,
a happy dejavu

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