… A…day…

It’s Thursday..

Sitted at the corner of my local..

Pour a shot or two..
To drown my anger, or is it my frustrations..
No a shot to drown my regrets..

Regrets of  loving another womans man…

Club getting full..
People coming in pairs,
And here I am alone…
With my favorite bottle..

My better companion..

A look at my cell,
Wanna make a call,
Invite a buddy,
The loneliness getting a hold of me..

I would have wanted him here..

Or maybe a different setting,
Not the bar as the norm has always been…

Coffee would be good,
Or a plate of sushi..
A better setting….
Some candles,
And some smooth rnb playing in the background…

Last seen…

He was online a while back,
Was hoping he would tell me he missed me…
Tell me how he’d spent his day,
Tell me that he loved me,
And how we were perfect for each other.

Getting ahead of myself…

He is another mans woman…
She makes him dinner,
Wipes off his muddy feet,
Prepare a bath for him,
And better off..
She gives him some warmth.

A look at my cell..
A text from my girl..
“Can’t make it dear, spending time with hubby,”

A look at my bottle,
Its not half way yet…
One more shot,
Lemme make it two..
As I drown my regrets…

2 Comments Add yours

  1. junglegarl says:

    not troubled… just a flow of words


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