Her world my world (part 1)

Look at she a damsel in distress,
A green eye she gets,
Perfection her second name..
If only I could get half of what she has…

So she tells me her tale,
I envy her not
Troubled nights she has…
Sleepfull are mine:D

Her routine…
Early mornings,
A jog to freshen her mind,
Clear her conscience perhaps,
Or maybe just hide from her sins….

Mid day break,
Her phone Is always on a buzz,
Invites for lunch and a quickie after that,

Desires of flesh,
Cravings of the body,
Satisfaction of a fruitless life?

I am on a coffee break,
Then a class after this,
I have to make ends meet…
Get a shilling or two,
Clear my bills,
And maybe do some shopping at ngara..

But miss perfection…
Torn between two great worlds,
Dubai for shopping?
Or Thailand just to break the routine…

Get why I want half of her world???

2 Comments Add yours

  1. gaitho says:

    i love this blog;)


    1. junglegarl says:

      Thank you.. More posts to come:-) 🙂


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