Daddy’s little girl

Always his little girl,
Even when am all grown up,
With wide hips and a full bust,
I still cry at the thought of him,
I wanna be perfect,
Always lighting his face,
Being the best,
His best…


I am his little girl,
Even when grey hairs will come,
I wanted him to walk me down the isle,
Yes I wanted to be in his arm…

You know…
I think about him daily,
Hoping that one day he will come back,
I know this is a dreamy reality,

I remember our laughs,
Just like he left yesterday,
I remember the scorn he’d give,
When I decided to grow some horns,

I’d trade all I got,
Just to make new memories,
I’d fly to mars,
If I’d find him there,

Back to reality….

He went a little too soon,
though I cherish each day he was around,
I thank the heavens,
Cause his teachings are still with me,

I will be his best,
I will be the best,
I will be my best,


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