Love Me Two Times

I ask thee not to let go,
Not to erase the memories,
Yestereve has to offer,

I ask thee not to go too far,
Before I get to decide,
Before the present comes crashing,

I ask thee to be genuine,
Not only for now,
But as time can allow

I ask thee to be good,
And see how far it can go,
As the night skies allow,

I ask thee with one heart,
To let the fire burn,
The sorrows of an events night,

I ask thee to be peaceful,
As fear fades out of sight,
As new memories are created,

I ask thee with this great feeling,
To forget her memories,
And let us be,

I ask thee to love two times,
Not her but I,
Not them but us,

Two times,
One heart,
A different she,

Two times,
Because of yestereve,
Because of this love,

Two times,
As we make a new walk,
The future that is great,

Two times,
As we smile in each others arms,
Making yesternight our new day,

Love me two times,
As you loved she,
And as you’ll love I,
As I’ll love you,

With a genuine heart,
Without disappointment,
Without regret,
Like you’ve never loved


4 Comments Add yours

  1. grace kimani says:

    awesome piece wow…i love it


    1. junglegarl says:

      Thanks for the support


  2. dnjeru says:

    Now thts wat u call a masterpiece!…hat’s off.


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