Pleasure??? No!!!


Mama brought me up in the nunnery ways,
Uncle always sat at the pew,
I will be an alter girl I thought,


School days never my best,
Always late for the test,
The bells In my head,
Will it ever end?


I am on a roll,
Not eager for that call,
Hoping one day I will stand tall,
Be better than them all.


Some days never make sense,
The desires of the flesh,
My conscience starting a fresh,


I can feel the rust,
Due to the craving of lust,
A chance I will ask at last,


Night kicking in,
In search of a motel inn,
Hoping I will grasp a meal,
His body my fill,

My work of sin,
This scene,
Been seen,
I don’t do it for pleasure,
Just cause of the pressure,
And at times,
I need that leisure.

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