Don’t get it twisted

I am a young girl with a big heart a big mind and crazy ambitions…
I am an old girl with a tender heart and bruised emotions…
I am a bold lady with sharp words and  cunning reactions…

Forgive my ambitions

I walk I talk I listen to the tunes,
I gaze I daze I look through the moons,
I thrive I love the warmth from the walls

About my emotions

Excuse me sir,
Can you see the speck in your eye?
Can you feel the hatred in your vibe?
Can you hear the loneliness in your words?
Then my world is better without you in it😼

Now let me react

I cry not cause of anger,
I laugh not cause I can,
I am not bitter just cause you left,
I am lonely just cause you’re here,

3 Comments Add yours

  1. dnjeru says:

    Wow….u good!…


  2. Lawrence says:

    Am always a fan. Congratulations on your new journey here all the best.


  3. junglegarl says:

    Thank you guys for the support😍😍


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