Love Me Two Times

I ask thee not to let go, Not to erase the memories, Yestereve has to offer, I ask thee not to go too far, Before I get to decide, Before the present comes crashing, I ask thee to be genuine, Not only for now, But as time can allow I ask thee to be good, … Continue reading Love Me Two Times


I loved

Look, Deep cuts, My heart bleeds, I can see him slip off my arms, He was never mine though, Listen, My eyes are sore, The heartache, Bleeding tears, Am I human? I know he has two puppies back, But I still want him around, Get me a puppy perhaps, Too early for that though, Angry, … Continue reading I loved


Another morning feeling dizzy, My body has been busy, The alarm buzzing, Can't it stop ringing? Lemme say a little prayer, Hoping the day will get better, Or I will care less about the latter, And smile just to be a little prettier. Should I bask in the sun? Or go for a run? Should … Continue reading Undecided