Pro Choice

These are voices of women, so when I read, that someone wants to shut down the only place known to offer affordable pregnancy crisis solutions, I become sad. Aren’t women allowed to make a choice, on what happens to their bodies? Should they be victimized? Should they be forced to motherhood? Should they go look … Continue reading Pro Choice


  I wanna get married some day! They laugh!! "This is new! Are you serious?" Yes, doesn't every female want that some day! I go on... "I have been craving for some deep connection with someone," I noticed such connections I can't get them with my mates, not even the guy that helps me climax, … Continue reading DREAMS


How do you admit to some truths.... Damaged goods! That's the echo in my head... Takes me a back to the time, before the encounter, that time he forced his hands up my skirt, before he forced my naked ass to sit on his thighs, I remember the room, it was a dark one four … Continue reading Damaged!