You are not alone

I curl myself into a ball these days,. As i lay on my bed. I am trying to forget everything i know, especially the pain I've learnt to hide with a smile. Today, today was a tough day for me, so was yesterday and the day before that. To be honest, this whole month has … Continue reading You are not alone


Hurt me once more

Some days are hard... Days you call him endlessly and he doesn't pick your call, only for him to call you hours later for a meet up. I'll call him James, in this case James sounds like a guy I'd fall for... I liked James "read this in the past". James is everything you'd wish … Continue reading Hurt me once more


If alone was a person, I'd want to be her friend, I'd want to create pet names for her and create a home with her. Some of us were meant to be different, and fighting it only causes those healed wounds to be sore again! Alone is home!

Pro Choice

These are voices of women, so when I read, that someone wants to shut down the only place known to offer affordable pregnancy crisis solutions, I become sad. Aren’t women allowed to make a choice, on what happens to their bodies? Should they be victimized? Should they be forced to motherhood? Should they go look … Continue reading Pro Choice


  I wanna get married some day! They laugh!! "This is new! Are you serious?" Yes, doesn't every female want that some day! I go on... "I have been craving for some deep connection with someone," I noticed such connections I can't get them with my mates, not even the guy that helps me climax, … Continue reading DREAMS


How do you admit to some truths.... Damaged goods! That's the echo in my head... Takes me a back to the time, before the encounter, that time he forced his hands up my skirt, before he forced my naked ass to sit on his thighs, I remember the room, it was a dark one four … Continue reading Damaged!